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   Information for Y12 (2015/16)

Greetings! I am Mrs. L. Jones.

I was Head of Physics at WGHS in the olden days.... I have taught this A level course (under several slightly different wordings) since before you were born.

My Cyberphysics site is used by an average of 5000 students a day during term time. I started it as a means of communicating background info with my students, notes, solutions to homework, questions, revision lists etc. got added (saving on photocopying!) and it snowballed.

I will use it to communicate with you.... it will provide you with notes and background, but the main advantage is the interactive syllabus.

This page is only linked from the index page - via the dropdown 'Exam Prepapration' Menu.

You will be taking the examinations in May/June.

My lessons with you are:

Week A - Wednesday (period 3) in lab S5 and Friday (period 5) in lab S5

Week B - Wednesday (period 3) in lab S5 and Friday (period 4) in lab S5

I am only in school on those days - I am only teaching sixth-form. I do not have a form. It is pointless to put notes for me in a pigeon hole. Communicate with me in lessons or via e-mail: lJones@wghs.org.uk

Lesson/teaching structure.

I will collect homework in on a Wednesday. I will feedback on it on the following Friday. Homework not handed in on time will therefore not be marked as solutions will have been issued. If you fail to hand in homework three times in a term I will refer you to the Head of Sixth form so that senior management are aware of the problem.

Each Friday (after the third week) there will be timed past examination questions on the sections we have completed (all of them - not just the most recent!). These will colour my view of your progress more than the homework tasks, the completion of homework tasks will colour my view of your effort in the subject.


The proposed program for how we will cover the material is set out below. If you are absent there will be enough information here for you to do some studying at home. You are expected to work through the material as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure there are no gaps in your learning.

If I am absent for any reason I will enter the work that you should do on this page. Therefore there is no excuse that you did not know what to do!

Homework will be set on a Friday and collected in the following Wednesday in class.

Details of homework set will be found on this page on the evening it has been set.

There are two sections of of the AS syllabus that we have to cover:

Particles and Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation and Quantum Phenomena


CLASSWORK summary and HOMEWORK Tasks

Date (week beginning)

Classwork Summary


4th January 2016

Introduction to particles:-

Revision of the atom - bringing up the understanding to A level standard

A level question practice on atomic structure.

Learn the terminology for:

- fundamental forces

-fundamental particles

and hadrons

Try out more questions on basic atomic structure

11th January 2016

Continue with particles - more on hadrons and quarks - mesons and baryons.

Balancing equations: baryon number, charge and lepton number.

Exchange particles.

Feynman Diagrams as a way of expressing reactions

How to tackle Feynman diagram questions PowerPoint to revise how to do it!

Class discussion on the topics not yet covered from section 3 of the syllabus.

For those who didn't attend WGHS at GCSE

GCSE Radioactivity

(syllabus list with links)

You may also find my more comprehensive index useful

For all

Revision of waves work you did with Mrs. Hickman



18th January 2016

Revision of work covered by Mrs. Hickman - interference and diffraction (Young's Slits)

Multiple choice practice: Young's Slits


Revision for mocks
25th January 2016

Exam Week

1st February 2016

Go through the Mock Examination Q1 Q2

Q3 Q4

Q5 Q6 Q7

(links now removed)

Stable particle: proton,

The electron volt.

Questions under examination conditions: Particle physics Test 1.

Prepare for a test of work covered so far - Friday

Feynman diagrams - work through the examples online

8th February 2016

Applications of conservation laws

Specific charge

Photoelectric effect - first two vids

Try out the AS summary particles question/revision online facility.

Questions under examination conditions: Particle physics Test 2.


Particle Physics Test 1 Feedback

15th February 2016

Half Term


22nd February 2016

Energy levels of electrons - electron transitions - using E=hf=hc/λ

Photoelectric effect - last vid and handout


Particle Physics Test 2 Feedback

29th February 2016

Collisions of electrons with atoms: fluorescent tube;

Energy levels and photon emission: Line spectra

7th March 2016

Wave-particle duality

Stopping Potential

Particle Physics Test 2 Feedback

14th March 2016



21st March 2016

Mock Paper

No Friday Lesson

28th March 2016

Easter Break

4th April 2016
11th April 2016 Go through Mock part 1
18th April 2016 Open Revision Sessions - diffraction and Young's slits
25th April 2016 Open Revision Session  
2nd May 2016 Open Revision Session  
9th May 2016 Open Revision Session  
16th May Examination Leave