Test 3 Feedback

Here is a copy of the test that you did - in case you fancy using it for revision....

There was a wide range of marks. This will give you an idea of how you did as a group:

There were a pleasing number of high grades and those who did not do as well often got a low mark because they did not attempt - or failed to hand in - some of the questions.

Several of you did not plot the graph... Some 'sketched it' and used the origin and values from the table to work out the gradient....

I deliberately set that question to help those whose graph technique was poor.... It is your loss, not mine.... I am not taking an important examination in a couple of months - or doing a practical that will require graph skills in a few weeks.

Make sure you can plot graphs to a high standard and that you can find gradients of lines.... click here for information on graph plotting and here for tables.

The solution links are below.

Read through the solutions carefully as you go back through your paper. Below are links to the solutions. Work through them and correct your mistakes. I suggest those who did not do the graph question properly have a go at it....

Ask if you do not understand anything...