GCSE revision - Q&A

The following Q & A sheets will help you learn the terminology for the following topics - you should LEARN these so you can define scientific words correctly and use them to answer questions.

You can get your friends or family to help you learn the words – they can ask you the questions and you can answer – they don’t need any Physics knowledge to test you then!

After learning them you should look at past questions and see how you can apply them - but this is the first step!

(Remember you should know all of the units and SI prefixes too… equations are given you now so the examiner expects you to have to recall them for calculations!)

The Q&A sheets are in pdf form.

Paper 1 The electromagnetic spectrum
Paper 1 Energy Sources
Paper 1 Heat Transfer
Paper 1 Radioactivity and Atomic Structure
Paper 1 Waves and Space
Paper 2 Forces and Movement
Paper 2 Static Electricity
Paper 2 Current and Mains Electricity
Paper 2 Radioactivity and Fission and Fusion
Paper 2 Skills for Module 2
Paper 3 Moments
Paper 3 Circular Motion
Paper 3 Optics
Paper 3 Sound and Ultrasound
Paper 3 The Motor
Paper 3 The Generator
Paper 3 Transformers
Paper 3 Space