ISA keywords 1

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Sing along to the tune of 'Deck the Halls' as you learn the second batch of AQA ISA keywords…

'Calibration' involves fixing known points and then marking on

in between them numbers, to make up a scale – agreed upon

by all scientists, by all scientists, so that... the same

value for a measurement, and everyone agrees upon its name!


Categoric variables have their values best described

simply by words that are labels, not by numbers – you decide

how to display categoric data in a way that's fine.

You must give results in chart form – bar or pie chart, never line!


Variables that are numbers can be of two types, you know.

If it can be any value then it's continuous, so

you can plot it on a line graph, but if ... it can ... only be

whole numbers then it's 'discrete categoric'- Believe me!

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