Misconceptions: Sound

see Sound
Misconception Discussion of the problem Possible Activities
Loudness and pitch of sounds are confused with each other.   Reinforcement of correct scientific vocabulary
You can see and hear a distant event at the same moment.   Practical outside with blowing a whistle and dropping a handkerchief
Hitting an object harder changes its pitch.   Practical - getting them to sing the note when hit with different force
In a telephone, actual sounds are carried through the wire rather than electrical pulses    
Human voice sounds are produced by a large number of vocal chords.    
Sound moves faster in air than in solids (air is "thinner" and forms less of a barrier).    
Sound moves between particles of matter (in empty space) and then 'bumps into' the next matter particle.    
In wind instruments, the instrument itself vibrates not the internal air column    
The pitch of whistles or sirens on moving vehicles is changed by the driver as the vehicle passes.    
The pitch of a tuning fork will change as it "slows down", (i.e. "runs" out of energy)   Practical - getting them to sing the note until it dies
As sound waves move, the air moves along with them.