These are XL Spreadsheet based revision aids.

They enable you to practice questions that you can set for yourself!

Attenuation A2 level - Half value thicknesses etc.
Circuits AS level - Practise series and parallel arrangements of resistors - Ohms's Law, lost volts and potential division.
Conversions AS level - Convert photon energy into wavelength and or frequency and vice versa, convert joules into eV and back, find the wavelength of matter or momentum of wavelength.... a multipage workbook
Decay A2 level - Radioactive decay and half life from equations - also a half life converter from years to days etc.
Einstein Equation AS equation for matter and antimatter anihilation and pair prodution
Electric Power Suitable for all - Equation manipulation and mixing P=IV with V=IR
Kinetic Theory AS level - Calculate the root mean square value and consider what it means.
Lens Equation A2 medical Physicists need this! Advice on tackling problems as well as the spreadsheet to try them out in.
Moments Suitable for all - the see-saw and the spanner
Newton's Equation GCSE
Newton's equations of Motion AS - equations that relate to uniform acceleration only!
Ohm's Law Suitable for all - Equation manipulation and calculation
Projectiles AS level (within the Vectors sheet)
Pressure Suitable for all
Radioactivity Practical A2 level - Approximate half life from practical readings
Radioactivity Suitable for GCSE - includes a graph to determine half life from
Resistivity AS level
Sight Correction A2 level - work out power of lens required to correct sight defects and work out near/far point for wearer of lenses of a particular power.
Snell's Law AS level - Relate angle of incidence, refraction and critical angle to refractive index.
Vectors AS Level - Resolution, addition of vectors and projectiles.
Wave Equation GCSE


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