KS4 - (Age range 14-16) - GCSE Standard

When the GCSE examinations were 'short and sharp' each mark counted for more than one percent. Once the longer examinations are in place this will no longer be the case, but it would be wise ot learn from the time that we have the 45 minute module exams.

Markschemes tend to specify that they want the scientific vocabulary that is used in the 'syllabus description' as part of the answer. The examiners want you to use scientific vocabulary in your answers, therefore you have to know what scientific vocab the board you use expects of you! Learn it! Analyse the syllabus and highlight all of the key words and phrases. (See Physics 4451 - Q&A Revision sheets - rote learning revision aids. )

I would recommend that you get a tiny notebook and write down snippets from the syllabus (or put the info on your iPad). You should pick out all of the sayings that define a term that you could quote in answers - make a 'definition book'.


In the school I taught at, we entered pupils for AQA physics. I therefore made an interactive syllabus that took you through to relevant cyberphysics pages to help with revision. This is now obsolete as the syllabus has changed but most of the content is still the same so I have left it up here. I intend to convert it to the new syllabus by early 2014 - as soon as the board have finalised the syllabus.


Physics 4403 interactive syllabus extracts - the AQA exam board update the specifications periodically - if you notice a difference in the extracts and specification that is online that will be the reason.

Please let me know of any discrepancies you find!

Physics 4451 (now obsolete) - Q&A Revision sheets - rote learning revision aids.

Practice questions

GCSE standard questions with a link to annotaed solutions. They are arranged in topics - ideal for revision or whiteboard/computer terminal tutorial work in class.

Practice Papers

These were made up of old exam questions at the start of the last syllabus's life - useful exrtra practice for you!

Past papers (official ones from the board)

Practical Experiments - ISAs