Questions on Energy Transitions

Q11. A flywheel is a heavy rotating wheel which is used to store energy.

(a) Energy must be transferred to a flywheel to make it rotate. How is the energy in the rotating flywheel classified?

as chemical energy
as kinetic energy
as potential energy
as thermal energy

1 mark

(b) A flywheel is rotating at a high speed. No energy is being supplied to it. The flywheel is used to turn a dynamo, and the energy from the dynamo is used to light a bulb.

(i) The bulb is left connected until the flywheel stops rotating. Not all the energy stored in the flywheel is transferred to the bulb. Some of it is lost. Give two places from which it is lost, and explain how it is lost.

2 marks

(ii) The experiment is repeated using a different bulb which gives out more energy each second. Compared to the first light bulb, describe how the second light bulb will affect the motion of the flywheel, and explain your answer.

2 marks

Maximum 5 marks