Questions on the Earth in Space


Willow drew a picture of herself standing at four different positions on the Earth. Her picture is not to scale.


(i) Draw an arrow at each of the four positions to show the direction of the force of gravity on Willow at that point on the Earth's surface.

See diagram - the force of gravity it towards the centre of the Earth.

1 mark

(ii) The drawing at position A shows Willow holding a ball on a string. Draw the ball and string in positions B, C and D.

See diagram - The ball must hang towards the Earth for each position to gain the mark.

1 mark

(b) The drawing below shows:

  • that the Earth goes round the Sun;
  • that the Earth rotates on its axis.

Choose from the list of times below to answer parts (i) and (ii).

      • 60 seconds
      • 60 minutes
      • 24 hours
      • 7 days
      • 28 days
      • 365 days

(i) How long does it take for the Earth to orbit the Sun once?

365 days

1 mark

(ii) How long does it take for the Earth to spin on its own axis once?

24 hours

1 mark

Maximum 4 marks