Practice Questions and Solutions

The following hyper-links take you to pages of GCSE standard questions. Each question has a link for you to click to see the solution - and (I think!) useful comments on how the marks are allocated by the examination board.

I suggest that you try each question in turn and then look at the mark scheme - that way you will know the sort of emphasis examiners put on keywords etc. for later questions you tackle.


Atomic Structure and Radioactivity - including Rutherford Experiment


Electric circuits

Electricity in the home (Fuses, earthing, wiring a plug, domestic appliances)

Electromagnetic Induction (Electric Generator)

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnets and Magnets

Energy changes from one form to another - Conservation of Energy - Sankey Diagrams

Energy Sources - Biomass, Wind, Wave, HEP, Nuclear, Tidal, Geothermal, Fossil Fuel

Eye and sight defects - also lenses and other optics questions requiring ray diagrams

Forces, Motion and Pressure - including Hooke's Law, terminal velocity and buoyancy


Generator (Electromagnetic Induction)

Heat Travel - Conduction - Convection and Radiation - Insulation

Kinetic Theory - Boyle's Law - the gas laws

Light - reflection and colour (also see the optics (lenses) section and refraction and TIR)

Magnets and Electromagnets

Medical physics - including therapy and scanning

Moments and Centre of Gravity

Motion, Forces and Pressure - including Hooke's Law, terminal velocity and buoyancy

Motor Effect

Optics questions - Lenses and the Eye, and Mirrors and reflection

Pressure. Motion and Forces - including terminal velocity and bouyancy

Radioactivity and Atomic Structure - including Rutherford Experiment

Ray diagram questions - lenses and mirrors

Refraction and Total Internal Reflection

Specific Heat Capacity and Latent Heat

Total Internal Reflection and Refraction

Transformer Questions

Space - satellites, telescopes, redshift

Static electricity

Waves - electromagnetic and mechanical - oscillations - reflection - wave equation


I am in the process of adding more questions. It takes a long time to put them in a suitable format for online use - so do check back from time to time - there will be new ones!.