Energy Sources Crossword

Clues Across:

1 A form of energy that comes from the gravitational pull of the moon on the oceans.
2 A metal structure that carries electrical cables from the power station to the town.
4 This changes the voltage of the electrical power so that transmission of energy is as efficient as possible.
8 The most versatile form of energy - the form we make use of in most of our modern appliances. It is the output energy form from our power stations.
10 Energy of the Earth - the Earth's interior is hot because of the radioactive decay of isotopes within the interior.
11 An ancient living creature changes into this type of rock form after millions of years.
12 These energy forms are being constantly replenished by nature. We will therefore never run out of them.
14 This is produced when water is heated. The pressure of this is then used to turn turbines in power stations to make electricity.
16 Electricity made from moving water.
18 Moving air - a fantastic natural source of renewable energy.
19 A power source that uses the energy released when the nucleus of an atom is split.
21 The gas that is formed within the Earth from fossilised remains.
22 The gaseous fossil fuel.
23 Energy from the sun

Clues Down:

1 The device that is turned within a power station to produce electrical energy from kinetic energy
2 Energy produced in a given time.
3 The liquid fossil fuel
5 A form of natural energy that is not replenished within a short time scale and so we will run out of it.
6 All once living matter that can be used as a fuel.
7 Shortened name for hydroelectric power
9 When the wind blows on the water the energy from the wind is stored in the water as this form.
11 The technical name for the splitting of an atom's nucleus.
13 13 down and 15 down is the name of the system that transports energy across the country.
15 13 down and 15 down is the name of the system that transports energy across the country.
17 The name of something that stores energy in a chemical form which can be transformed into another form when it is burned.
20 The solid fossil fuel.

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