Energy Transfer Crossword

Clues Across:

3A - Rearrange the French word for 'black' (noir becomes iron)

electrical energy heat energy

5A - Strike for a bad habit? matches are struck to light them

chemical energy heat & light energy

6A - You could plant this to illuminate the garden? bulb (short for lightbulb) is also the word for a garden plant form

electrical energy heat & light energy


Clues Down:


1D - Cycle light from pedal power (dynamos allow you to produce your own energy in order to light the lamp on your bicycle)

kinetic energy (heat and sound &) electrical (heat &) light

2D - Not a heavy way to light up? ('light up' refers to smoking - lighters are used to light cigarettes)

chemical energy heat and light energy

4D - Polly put this on (the gas) (In the nursery rhyme Polly put the kettke on)

chemical energy heat (and light) energy