P2.4 - AQA GCSE Physics Unit 2 - Overview




Using mains electricity safely and the power of electrical appliances

Mains electricity is useful but can be very dangerous. It is important to know how to use it safely.

Electrical appliances transfer energy. The power of an electrical appliance is the rate at which it transforms energy. Most appliances have their power and the potential difference of the supply they need printed on them. From this we can calculate their current and the fuse they need.

Candidates should use their skills, knowledge and understanding to:

■ understand the principles of safe practice and recognise dangerous practice in the use of mains electricity
■ compare the uses of fuses and circuit breakers
■ evaluate and explain the need to use different cables for different appliances
■ consider the factors involved when making a choice of electrical appliances. Candidates should consider the efficiency and power of the appliance.

This section of the second unit is broken into two sections:

P2.4.1 - Household electricity

P2.4.2 - Current, charge and power

There is also a page suggesting practical experiments that should be carried out during the study of this section.