The Introduction

Whenever you design an experiment you have to first 'set the scene'.

You are not ever finding anything out without preconceptions. You will always have ideas about what you are going to find out - you have expectations!

In a science experiement these expectations will be based on:

what you have experienced in life,

experiments you have carried out before and

scientific knowledge (things you have been taught about science at school, or have found out from books).

In the introduction of your report you need to explain to the reader what you 'expect to find out' and why you think that will be the case !

So, first of all you have to tell them your hypothesis, back up your ideas with scientific ideas that already have been discovered and predict what you will find.

You do not have to look into a crystal ball and write down numeric predictions... just predict a general trend. A good way to do this is to sketch a graph that shows what you expect to happen.

You have to explain the main scientific ideas that your prediction is based on. When you do this try to use scientific keywords in this section and explain in simple terms what you understand them to mean.