Nuclear Power


Revision of the basics - before you start!

An A2 revision list

Nuclear Weapons - not on the syllabus, but cross-curricula in theme and of interest to many!

Fission - splitting of the atomic nucleus

Nuclear power plants - a reactor and how electricity is produced


Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power

Moderation of the neutron speeds

Control Rods - controlling the energy output

Fuel Rods

Chain reaction - sustaining the reaction by producing a reactant

Critical Mass


Nuclear Accidents


Disposal of nuclear waste


Plutonium - by product of fission

The nuclear controversy

Fusion - joining together of two nuclei - the energy of the stars!


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This site has information on what to do in the case of a nuclear emergency situation

CFR Link

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Discussion material for Y10/Y11 groups - nuclear war - cross-curricular with history/politics -


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